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    Drama-nation Thanks for your professional reporting and hindsight on the Raider organization. After all the turmoil of last years season, the Raiders made it to the playoffs. The same team from last year has been horrible most games and is now surrounded by more drama with the benching of...
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    Not Carr’s fault

    While Carr has not had a stellar year, he shouldn’t be blamed for the team’s shortcomings. The defense and the coaching staff should bare the responsibility for the disappointing year. I stopped counting how many games we lost while leading in the fourth quarter due to a porous defensive...
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    Please Sell the team Mark Davis!

    Mr. Davis made the decision to replace a staff who endured a year full of drama and tragedy. An yet, coach Rich Bisaccia was able to lead the team into the playoffs. Had coach Bisaccia and staff been retained, I strongly believe that the Raiders would have gone further into the playoffs with...
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    Lombardi on state of the O

    Please stop with the backyard offensive plays! I was under the impression that McDaniels was an offensive genius! Not impressed at all with the plays. No slants, crossing patterns or mis direction!!!! The team is in pre-season mode while each game counts. Cmon man! Turn this ship around.