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    Hondo, the quality of your journalism has begun to set you apart from the field. Thank you for the investment of time and effort you give to bring us this level of inside coverage. Your recent SI columns are simply outstanding…and I love the bullet point format! Question: To what do you...
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    Renfrow Just Touching Level of Success Possible

    So great to see such an unassuming player excel at his craft; be all about the team, rather than himself; flip the ball to the ref after a score…like it’s routine and he’s been there before. Reminds me of Steve Largent. It’s easy to root for Renfrow; glad the Raiders have him.
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    Details from latest NFL Lawsuit Reflect on the Raiders...WOW

    Would be very interesting to know what the NFL was thinking or planning in terms of an “ownership restructure” and how they would have gone about pulling that off.