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    McDaniels, Ziegler Moving Closer to Leading Raiders

    Well Hondo, it’s been announced. I believe there is greatness ahead for the Raiders!! Feel bad for Rich, but like I said’s a business. Excited for the team. Hoping Derrick is good with it. .
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    Hunter Renfrow Joining the 2022 Pro Bowl

    I voted for Hunter to be in the PB. He damn well deserves this honor! Congrats to this clutch receiver!!
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    Raiders Season Review: Alex Leatherwood

    Leatherwood cost us some important drives in important games. The O line was in need of a lineman and he got the call. He’s a rookie with limited experience against players who know how to maneuver around players like him b/c he’s a rookie! I agree he, at least gets a shot at competing for the...
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    McDaniels, Ziegler Moving Closer to Leading Raiders

    McDaniels would be an excellent HC for the Raiders. My nephew picked him right after Gruden left….great minds think alike. The down side? Football is a business… it would be disrespectful to Rich to just let him go after such a good job holding this team together through so much turmoil. But..we...
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    After Five Years, Derek Carr Finally Gets His Playoff Game

    Hondo’s reply is correct, but also a very good reason why Carr’s passes are sometimes short of their mark. When 300+ lbs guys are chasing you down…that’s a good reason to “throw the ball away”. The “red zone” comment? Well, that’s just good D preventing any TD’s. ✌️
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    Raiders Release GM Mike Mayock

    Being a GM for any team isn’t an easy job! The draft is where after months of tracking, evaluating players, the players selected are “hopefully” going to make the team better. Better scouting is always a key for GMs to help the teams make those decisions. They live and die with those choices...
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    The Case For Rich Bisaccia

    It’s very interesting now that the Raiders have fired their GM. They’ve only had 2 GM’s in team history. Will this move change how the team approaches the HC position? Yup! It’s a decision that will be made by Mark Davis. Who will be in the war room to make that choice? Interesting times ahead,huh?
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    Crosby Receives Commitment to Excellence Award

    Nobody deserves this award more deservedly than MAD MAXX! He is a throwback to the days of Long and Hendricks, so many more! Congrats.
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    Raiders Greg Olson Credits O-Line for the Balance Attack

    The play of the O-line is a pleasant surprise. Looked shakey early on but then someone verbally smacked Leatherwood around to set him straight. Good job guys! This Saturday, show the world that the Raiders are back.
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    After Five Years, Derek Carr Finally Gets His Playoff Game

    I just checked the weather… 31* and partly sunny…..that’s nothing!! Great FB weather
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    After Five Years, Derek Carr Finally Gets His Playoff Game

    That thinking goes both ways bud. The cold weather factor is the enemy of both teams. The ground is harder, the balls are harder and the air hurts when you breath hard. I’m hoping the Raiders O line can punch some holes for the running game to be successful. There are so many factors in a game...
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    After Five Years, Derek Carr Finally Gets His Playoff Game

    Totally have faith in Derrick’s ability to win this game. My ONLY concern is he holds on to the ball too long when his protection breaks down. Although I like the occasional rotation of bringing #8 in for short yardage gains, I prefer #4 run the offense. His leadership skills just get better...
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    It’s “Just Win Baby,” Not “Just Tie Baby”

    It’s this simple…. Chargers are the enemy! Don’t give your enemy another chance (possibly) to end your season down the road. Tie???😂🤣😂
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    Bisaccia Has Support of Raiders Players and Staff

    I’m always one for giving a guy a chance. He’s been given that opportunity to prove his HC coaching skills. Being asked to fill in after Gruden left, during which the team has endured many emotional moments, don’t you think he’s done a more than fair job at keeping this team together and...
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    Raiders' Key Assets: Maxx Crosby

    Crosby is the monster this defense needs. While he’s being double teamed,( and not very successfully I might ad) the other punishers cause havoc and chaos! I’m so proud of these guys!! Reminds me of the olden days of nail biting and heart palpitations on EVERY play! I believe they will win this...
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    Raiders-Chargers Will End the Season on Primetime

    The Avid Raiders Fan can’t afford the greedy ticket prices all of these so called fans charge to sell their tix. I’ve followed them since I was 5. I’m now 66 and wishing I could attend a game. GREED IS THE WORD ! Watching on TV is fine but not like being there! My father and I used to attend...
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    More adversity for the Raiders, Nate Hobbs arrested

    You’d think these guys would be extra careful considering the consequences. They need to focus on getting into the playoffs by beating the LAC this w/e ! Yea, I know…”let’s celebrate the victory over the Colts !” COME ON MAN!!!! Do your celebration after the victory this Sunday night...
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    John Madden, Raiders Legendary Head Coach Dies at 85

    I grew up in the Bay Area during the Madden years. He gave us (along w/the team of course), many ,many years of great football! So many memories…so many tears. I’m a proud Raiders fan and ALWAYS will be!! RIP John.
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    Welcome to Raider Insider Forum

    Thank you for the opportunity to discuss Raider “stuff” with you ! 👍🏻
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    Rules for Using This Forum

    Happy to be aboard a site where I can discuss Raider issues w/ other Raiders fans.