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    My weekly Q A

    Answering Your Raiders Questions: Post-June 1, Call me Mr., and More
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    Raiders Among the Top-5 in this Important NFL Stat

    The Las Vegas Raiders have been one of the top five in this important NFL stat.
  3. Hondo

    NFL World Reacts to the Raiders Latest

    NFL World Reacts to the Raiders' Offseason
  4. Hondo

    Raiders Josh McDaniels: “I’m Just Part of the Process”

    Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels says a big part of this year's draft was the fact that he was part of the entire draft process.
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    Ziegler Does It Again: Three New Raider Free Agents

    Ziegler Adds Three Free Agents to Raiders Roster
  6. Hondo

    Is this the biggest game on the roster?

    Raiders vs. 49ers Could be the Fantasy Game of the Year
  7. Hondo

    McDaniels on White, tells us a lot

    McDaniels: Zamir White an Unselfish Player w/ Great Attitude
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    Not Sure I agree with This

    Raiders Starting Running Back Named Most Underrated Player on Team
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    Would you like the Raiders to make a run at this big-time player?

    Should the Raiders Go For Ndamukong Suh
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    Take a L@@K at my 2022 Predictions

    Predicting All 17 Las Vegas Raiders Games
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    McDaniels Sounds Off on Transition

    McDaniels: Not “Seamless” But Effort & Attitude Is on Par
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    Some things you need to know

    What to Know About the Raiders' 2022 Schedule
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    What the Raiders Like about the New OL

    Ziegler: O-Line Versatility Attractive About Munford, Parham
  14. Hondo

    Saw this coming

    Raiders Trade WR Bryan Edwards to the Falcons
  15. Hondo

    Understanding the Raiders Having So Many RBs

    Ziegler: Different Roles to Be Filled in RB Position
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    Weekly Q/A Stidham, Bradberry, Win Totals, and More

    Answering Your Raiders Questions: Stidham, Bradberry, Win Totals, and More
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    Raiders Strength of Schedule Ranks 7th in the NFL in 2022

    Raiders Rank No. 7 on Strength of Schedule List
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    Why So Many RBs for the Raiders? Here is why...

    Ziegler, McDaniels: Building Depth in RB Position is Key
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    A Different Look at the Raiders NFL Draft 22 Class

    What Others are Saying of the Raiders' 2022 NFL Draft Picks
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    Don't forget this Raiders Rock

    McGlockton Was a Rock on Raiders' D-Line