Not Carr’s fault


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While Carr has not had a stellar year, he shouldn’t be blamed for the team’s shortcomings. The defense and the coaching staff should bare the responsibility for the disappointing year.
I stopped counting how many games we lost while leading in the fourth quarter due to a porous defensive backfield and poor defensive coaching!
McDaniels is the head coach and is responsible for all facets of the game and he has done a piss poor job. The supposed offensive genius has been horrible with offensive play creation and play calling.
But as a Raider fan for 50 years (George Blanda was the man) we are stuck with Mc Daniels at least for another year. He needs to address the defense during the offseason. If there is no improvement next year than he needs to be axed.
I’m also in favor of having Mark Davis sell the team. He is also responsible for many years of disappointment.
I firmly believe that the current team has the talent to be in the playoffs, however the coaching staff does not appear to have a grasp on coaching, strategy or direction!

John H