Not Quite Ready To Say 'I Told You So'

I.C. All

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On January 31, when McDaniels and Zeigler were announced as HC & GM, I told everyone who would listen they were absolutely the worst choices available at the time. I said, with them at the helm, the Raiders would be a team no one would take seriously for the next 2 years, then Mark Davis would realize his mistake and boot them both.

The Raiders were a playoff team last year, added significant talent this off-season and now can't win a game? Everyone, and I mean everyone, talked about what great hires these were and what it would mean to the Raiders going forward. I also said if the Raiders just make the playoffs this year, even if they lose the first playoff game, I'd admit I was wrong about McDaniels and Zeigler and would support them emphatically. I seriously hoped they would prove me wrong!

Well, take a big whiff; the Raiders are the worst team in the league right now, even with the talent they have around Carr.

Two things tell me what the issue is. It's been slyly intimated they don't want Hunter Renfrow to be the most creative route runner in the NFL, they want him to reel it in and conform to...something. Same thing with Chandler Jones, they don't want him to use his myriad of pass rushing moves instinctively as he sees fit; they want to control HOW he rushes the passer (could that be why his stats look so bleak?). Then they claim they aren't trying to recreate the Patriots, but that's exactly how the Patriots operate! Sure, it gets wins, but how many former Patriots have said playing for them isn't FUN? Being a FUN team has always been the Raiders' trademark! They are rebels, nonconformists who like to beat up on teams. They have lacked the talent and coaching prowess to do that for nearly two decades but that's who they are and why most Raider fans are fans!

Josh MacDaniels is killing the Raiders' pirate spirit and turning them into a bunch of robots and it's not working. Last year, they played under an interim special teams guy as head coach, with terrible red-zone performance, penalties out the yingyang, a porous defense, and some of the ugliest off-field adversity in the history of the NFL and yet, they battled their way into the playoffs! What they look like now is just another bumbling team about which people will say, "They're the best 0-3 team in the NFL!" if that means something.

Finally, I'm fed all the way up with JM ladling buckets of praise on opposing teams, coaches and players, talking about them as if they are unstoppable juggernauts who can do no wrong, but then basically panning his own players, saying crap like "they work really hard and the effort is there, but they have a long way to go." That doesn't sound like confidence-building talk to anyone! Bill Belichick could get away with that kind of rhetoric, because he knew what he had. Josh is NOT Bill!

Now, all that said, I don't give a rat's patootie about statistical chances and all that kind of crap; the Raiders can still turn it around and be a contending, playoff team, of that I have zero doubt. But, do they have the right guys in the front office to make that happen? On that, I do have my doubts.

RN4L no matter what.