Rules for Using This Forum


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Rules for this Raiders Insider Forum

1. No sexist, racist, vulgar, or profane comments.

2. No pornography or anything considered obscene, of any kind.

3. Don't come on posting the same thing all the time.

4. Don't be a jerk. Don't make things personal. Want to flame others? Want to be a jerk? Don't come here. It is a free site.

5. No personal attacks on posters, coaches, or players. We have no issues with people being critical, but if you can't be critical, without making it personal, don't publish it..

6. No spamming or selling at all. If you have something to offer, email and ask us to post it:

7. No posting anything that violates any right of a third party or any law.

8. You are responsible for your username and password. What is done on your account reflects you.

9. This forum is for Las Vegas Raiders' talk ONLY.

We want you here, so act like it. Discussion among adults is great, disagreement is fine, being disagreeable isn't.
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